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3D Scanning

3D scanning is a technology used to capture the three-dimensional shape, geometry, and surface characteristics of objects and environments.

    Principle :

  • 3D scanning works by capturing the geometry and appearance of objects using various sensing technologies, such as lasers, structured light, photogrammetry, and ultrasound. These technologies measure distances, angles, and surface points from multiple viewpoints to create a digital representation of the object in three dimensions.

  • Accuracy and Resolution :

  • The accuracy and resolution of 3D scanning depend on factors such as the type of technology used, scanning parameters, sensor quality, and environmental conditions. High-precision applications may require specialized equipment and techniques to achieve sub-millimeter accuracy and fine detail resolution.

  • Challenges and Considerations :

  • 3D scanning may face challenges such as occlusions, reflective surfaces, complex geometries, and limited accessibility. Considerations include scanning time, data storage, processing requirements, and compatibility with downstream applications.

3D Scanning