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Fabrication Drawings

Fabrication drawings, also known as manufacturing drawings or shop drawings, are detailed drawings that provide the necessary information for fabricators to manufacture or assemble components accurately.

    Purpose :

  • The primary purpose of fabrication drawings is to communicate the design intent from the engineering or design team to the fabrication team. These drawings provide all the information required for fabricators to produce components or assemblies according to the specified dimensions, materials, tolerances, and manufacturing processes.

  • Content :

  • Fabrication drawings typically include detailed views, dimensions, annotations, and specifications necessary for manufacturing. They may consist of orthographic projections (such as front, top, and side views), isometric views, section views, detailed views, and exploded views to illustrate the geometry and assembly of components.

  • Dimensions and Tolerances :

  • Fabrication drawings specify dimensions for all critical features of the component or assembly, including lengths, widths, heights, hole diameters, and distances between features. Tolerances are also indicated to define the allowable variations in dimensions during manufacturing.

  • Material Specifications :

  • Fabrication drawings specify the materials to be used for manufacturing, including material type, grade, and any special requirements such as surface finish or heat treatment. Material specifications ensure that the fabricated components meet the required mechanical properties and performance criteria.

Fabrication Drawings